I am now a working woman child-adult. I graduated from college in 2018. I post here sporadically, though always with the goal of posting more consistently. In my unrealistic imaginations, this blog will one day be famous. But (lol) for now, cherish that you have found this site in its still jenny-from-the-block phase. Not sure where life is taking me, but trying to cling to Him who is always with me.

I am a college student. I took a year off from school and just recently returned to campus. I started this blog while I was abroad. I had a hard time at school for many reasons (which you will probably find out through this blog), but as I was processing through the difficult times while I was away, I started journaling in poems. I liked some of these poems so much that I decided to share them. So some of my writings are ones straight from my journal that I wrote some time ago; those ones I label “from the past.” Other times I sit down at my computer and just write from scratch; those are usually “on the fly.” And sometimes, I don’t label anything correctly and just post. Even though things are busy at school, I love having this outlet to write the things that are really on my mind. I’m probably never going to share this blog with anyone I know personally, in order to keep my words raw. I want to be able to write without fear of consequences for the way I am and the way I think.


🙂  just starting… bear with me please. but we will get there!

Hi everyone. Thanks for checking out this page. I have very little idea what I am doing. Over the last two/three years, I’ve been struggling with … something. I’m not sure exactly what to call it or even how bad it is (depression? laziness? sadness? purposeless? spoiled-ness?) Maybe it’s just life and growing up. But for some reason during this struggle, I started writing these weird poem things. And so I decided to post them online so that someone other than me could read them. Sometimes I think  what I write could resonate with someone else, but mostly I just want someone to tell me that I’m not alone. which I know I’m not, I just don’t believe it all the time.

Hope you enjoy!